Quadcycle Easy e is designed for stop and go driving and has options such as the amber light bar, perfect for security patrols.

Campus Transportation

Sustainably transport students and faculty around campus in premium comfort.

Facilities Maintenance

Enhance productivity with a made-to-order Quadcycle Easy e® vehicle. From ground work to maintenance to security, Quadcycle Easy e delivers a hard-working, sustainable mobility tool.

Indoor & Outdoor Hauling

With up to 700kg of payload and street-legal safety features, haul your gear across campus with Quadcycle Easy e.

Reduce Cost

Reduce Vehicle Costs with Quadcycle. The Easier and Safer Light Transportation Vehicles

Hotels and Resorts

Make a five star impression with Quadcycle Easy e premium electric vehicles. For guest shuttles, housekeeping, grounds, and security, Quadcycle Easy e delivers an exceptional experience.

Premium Electric Vehicles

The easier and safer light transportation vehicles