Premium Comfort

More Standard Safety Features

All-Electric Power

Low Cost of Ownership – Just N10 per mile

Customized for your Application

Quadcycle Easy e is specially designed by engineers at Quadcycle Ltd to offer maximum comfort. Whether you need to work those long hours or transport clients and colleagues, Quadcycle Easy e‘s standard comfort features will allow you to work smoothly.


Quadcycle Easy e vehicles offer a smooth ride with almost 6″ of suspension travel, allowing it to handle all kinds of terrain.

Extra Legroom

With its 43″ of available legroom and spacious cab, Quadcycle Easy e is designed to comfortably seat a person who is 6’5″”.


Quadcycle Easy e offers optional Electronic Assisted Steering so that you can make effortless turns.

Quadcycle Easy e is a street legal LSV, meaning that it is held at a higher standard of safety than the typical golf cart. Quadcycle Easy e comes with standard safety features that comply with regulations and meet SAE crush testing.

3-Point Safety Belts

The Quadcycle Easy e 3-point safety belts ensure street legal security for on-road driving confidence.

Street Tires & Automotive Glass Wind-shield

Quadcycle Easy e vehicles are equipped with street tires and an automotive glass Wind-shield to ensure that the job is done effectively and confidently.

Brake Lights & Turns Signals

Quadcycle Easy e has LED brake lights and turn signals so that other drivers know your next move.


Quadcycle Easy e vehicles are roof crush test compliant and have a roll resistant frame.

Street Legal

Quadcycle Easy e is street-legal on roads up to 60km/h in most states

At just N10 per mile cost, Quadcycle Easy e is a key tool in keeping vehicles productive and saving overall costs.

Cost of Operation

Quadcycle Easy e vehicles have an average cost of operation of N10 per mile.

Low Cost of Maintenance

Quadcycle Easy e vehicles are designed and constructed with premium parts and engineering.

Cost Effective Alternative

Quadcycle Easy e is a low cost alternative to trucks and vans and can be used in a variety of applications, so that you can maximize efficiency.

Work smarter on the job-site. Quadcycle Easy e offers standard safety features and additional options that can be tailored to the job you need to get done.

Utility Options

Quadcycle Easy e offers numerous open and closed carriers that allow you to haul tools and gear to the job-site.

Passenger Options

Ride in style with practical aesthetic options such as chrome bumpers and full doors.

Battery Options

Quadcycle Easy e offers numerous battery options that vary in range and levels of maintenance.