Investment Option

We are an electric vehicle manufacturing company in Nigeria. By manufacturing electric light transportation vehicles and putting them to work, we are able to compensate our financial partners with up to 30% returns.

Quadcycle investment business works like this:

  • We manufacture light transportation vehicle.

  • They are are put into work by providing transportation services, the drivers make weekly and monthly returns to the company.

  • The proceeds are shared among our financial partners.

This manufacturing and transportation services begins 3 months after sign-up and sponsorship of vehicle production. Payments are made monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually depending on chosen compensation plan. Compensation is between 18% – 30% returns on capital.

Become a Partner

Choose a Quadcycle partner plan that funds the production of electric vehicles

Produce the Vehicle

After production of the vehicles, they are sent to the transportation department where the vehicles are used for passenger transportation services.


Drivers are allocated to the vehicles and they make payments to the company weekly.

Return on Capital

You earn between 20-35% returns annually based on your capital.

Starter Plan

Investment Capital: N500,000 – N900,000

Return on Capital: 18%

Insurance cover: Yes

Duration: 1 year

Monthly payments: N7,500 – N13,500

Annual Return on Capital: N90,000 – N162,000

Total Repayment: N590,000 – N1,062,000

Regular Plan

Investment Capital: N1,000,000 – N1,900,000

Return on Capital: 24%

Insurance cover: Yes

Duration: 1 year

Monthly payments: N20,000 – N38,000

Annual Return on Capital: N240,000 – N456,000

Total Repayment: N1,240,000 – N2,356,000

Premium Plan

Investment Capital: N2,000,000 – N10,000,000

Return on Capital: 30%

Insurance cover: Yes

Duration: 1 year

Monthly payments: N50,000 – N250,000

Annual Return on Capital: N600,000 – N3,000,000

Total Repayment: N2,600,000 – N13,000,000